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Big Hero 6th Birthday Party

March 25, 2015

It’s birthday time again for our Jack Ryan.

In the past, you guys know I tend to get emotional during this time, but I’m really trying hard not to look at too many baby Jack videos or photos. I just want to celebrate who he is right now and how much I love what he contributes to our family unit.


A few weeks ago, we went to a birthday party at a gymnastics place and Jack hasn’t stopped talking about having his party there ever since. This was the first year that Jack actually had a say in what he wanted to do for his party and who he wanted to invite.

And the fact that he wanted to have a party and invite everyone from his class is a huge deal.


The party almost didn’t happen because Jack’s allergies had been so bad the week leading up to it, but he was finally able to get a few meds that helped him.


There was a lot of collaboration on the decorations. My mom made the cake, which was intense since it was 6 layers and travelled five hours to get here. Oh, and it was rainbow, per Jack’s request. This kid loves all things rainbow and gold and sparkly.


Reid’s mom asked Target for the cardboard props, which added to the theme since Big Hero 6 stuff is really hard to find!




The great thing about this place is that all we had to do was set everything up; there were two girls working there who facilitated all the play time. The kids had about an hour of different activities.


The lighting in there was dim, so most of my pictures are blurry. Also, Reid was taking video, so I didn’t worry too much about pictures.



And if I’m really honest, Jack wasn’t in the best of moods the entire time. I won’t go into detail, for his sake, but we let the grumpiness slide a little because he was extremely medicated (like 3 different types of medicines) and hadn’t eaten anything because he was so excited earlier, so yeah.

Looking back, Reid and I really wondered if the party was even worth it and if he had even had a good time, BUT Reid made this video from all the footage he shot and it’s so sweet and made me think it was worth it.

Just as long as he knows it’ll be a Wal-Mart cake and a family party next year, ha!

Here’s the video, if you’re interested.


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