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What October Looked Like

November 3, 2014

Reid went to the beach during the first week. Jack slept in our bed while he was gone.

At the end of that week, Jack and I went to visit my parents.

Jack hated coloring the first 3.5 years of his life, but he’s making up for it now.

It was a little cold, but it didn’t stop us from swimming in my parents’ new pool.

And the best shot of my brother.

Reid joined us for a little bit while we were there for pottery painting.

Everyone looks so sad painting pottery.

Lauren turned 16 this month, by the way.

I went with my Dad and Lauren to Yom Kipper that Friday night.

Drawing in my mom’s studio.

I got to see one of my oldest friends, Whitney, and finally meet her little boy, Ephraim. She was visiting at her parents house, so I met her over there and hung out with her family, which was very much like our high school days.

Jack went on his first legit field trip, riding the school bus and everything.

While we’re being random, I found a new lake behind our neighborhood while taking a walk.

Jack has declared that he wants to be a teacher when he grows us. He is determined about this.

We went to a few fall festivals.

I think everyone at Target takes this picture, but still.

Reid and Jack worked in the yard.

I visited Jack’s PE class.

I, also, went to the fun run at Jack’s school. Jack fell and couldn’t recover and cried most of the time, but in his defense, he has my genes, so I totally get it.

I took his for frozen yogurt after school that day to celebrate a great first report card.

We went to another fall festival.

And since I’m not in many of these, I’ll show you what it looks like when I try on Jack’s paint for his costume.

We had friends over and this is a favorite picture of the night. That would be sweet Lily Kate in the back with a (toy) gun.

I went the beach, but not many pictures from that weekend.

This was after I got back after another fall festival.

and those are the highlights from last month, in pictures. Minus Halloween pics.

the end.

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