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Pottery Date

September 18, 2014

]Since school has started, Jack has become my shadow on the weekends. He still likes Reid and wants to hang out with him, of course, but he’d much rather be all up in my business and have all my attention

If I’m really honest, it annoyed me, at first. And I still fight being annoyed, which means I’m incredibly selfish and not realizing that he misses me and just wants to be with me. I keep reminding myself that one day he won’t think I’m so cool anymore and won’t want my attention.

And, really, what more important thing could I be doing?

Typing that all out just makes me look like a jerk. I really do love my kid, I promise!

All that to say, on one particular such Saturday, I decided we needed to get out of the house and do something together, indoors, preferably. So, we went to paint pottery together for the first time.

But, first, we stopped for coffee and a smoothie.

We spent a long time looking around, checking out our options based on our budget. Jack was so set on painting a mummy and tea cup. I picked up a condiment bowl for me, but he ended up painting it for me since I couldn’t come up with ideas.

He painted everything himself, then I went over everything with several coats. He kept telling me over and over how much fun he was having.

I think we were there for almost two hours. It was so relaxing and fun to sit and chat while we painted. It was definitely one of the best dates we’ve had together.

If money wasn’t an issue, I think we’d go back every weekend. Even with this weekend coming up, Reid’s going to be gone all day to the Alabama game, so I keep fighting the urge to go back. Instead, though, I think we’re going to paint pumpkins and do some crafts at home.

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