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Adjusting Updates

August 12, 2014

Today marks Jack’s fourth day of school and I’m still adjusting. I feel this rush to get so many things done while he’s at school, but I have to remember that this is every single day; I have many days to work on things.

Jack started acting sick last Saturday afternoon, but it seemed like more of an allergic reaction than anything else, but he woke up worse on Sunday morning, so I took him to a doc in the box to find he had a sinus infection. Whatever they gave him knocked it right now. He was better by Monday morning and able to go to school.

Jack was sad because he didn’t think he’d be able to go to school. He was, also, sad on Sunday morning because he thought he got to go to school that day!

I really am so proud of how well he’s done at carpool. Considering there were days at preschool that teachers had to literally pull him out of the car with him crying, I know when I see him walking into the building all by himself that he’s come a long way and he must really like school.

We’ve figured out that our sweet spot for carpool in the morning is leaving at exactly 7:05. Every morning, the teachers working the carpool lines laugh at Jack because he takes his sweet time walking down the line to the cross walk. He blames his heavy tote bag, but I know he’s just on Jack time.

The best part of my day is picking Jack up from school and hearing him talk non-stop about his day.

Last Friday night, Jack wanted to sleep in our bed since it was storming, so I laid down with him and we chatted for a long time about school and he noticed Reid’s Harry Potter book. Reid reads the Harry Potter series about every two years. Jack asked me to read it to him, so we started it and only got a couple of pages in. Jack was laughing at a lot of it, but I thought maybe we should save Harry Potter for later down the road.

I picked up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday and we started reading it last night. Eventually, his homework at school will be us reading together for 20 minutes a night, so I thought this would be a good start.

photo (8)

So, back to getting things done while Jack’s at school. As Jack’s outgrown toys and clothes, we saved everything and moved it to the attic. It was our safety in case we had another little person. I always thought that I’d eventually consign everything when Jack started school in the distant, distant future. That it was my problem for another day. And that day is here.


Reid helped me get everything down last night. We’ve already sold the bigger items, like the swing, jumper, bouncy seat, etc. As I started going through it last night, I realized it’s a lot more intense and overwhelming than I initially thought. It’s a TON of stuff to go through. Like two bins of just teeny tiny 0-6 months pajamas.

My goal is to put all the fall clothing items in a consignment sale next month and organize what needs to be saved for the Spring sale and donate everything else.


I know I’ll feel good when it’s all done, but that may be a month of working through all this mess. Sweet mercy. I’m already having to remind myself to pace myself and that I have plenty of time to work on this.

And there’s a few days worth of blog posts all in one.

the end.

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