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Preschool Complete

May 16, 2014

Jack’s last day of preschool was Wednesday! We did it! He only went for a semester, and even then, was sick a lot and missed days due to weather, but still, he’s moving on the kindergarten in the Fall!

First day and last day. Not sure if there’s much difference, although his face is starting to thin out. 😦

Wednesday was his end of the year party, complete with snow cones, water games, and pizza.

I just realized this picture looks like he wet his pants while eating a snow cone. And I’m still going to post it.

Jack was having a great time.

A great time, until he got hit in the face by accident with a water thing. And it was all downhill from there. He cried off and on about various things. Let’s just say he had a rough time. And he was up at 5:45 that morning singing, so I’m thinking losing that sleep had something to do with it.

Since yesterday was his official first day of Summer vacation, we started a new tradition by going to the movies.

Jack isn’t a huge movie theater person, so we waited until the Lego Movie was at the dollar theater.

And no trip to the dollar theater is complete without a bag full of goodies from The Dollar Tree.

Our total was $7 for the movie, which I gasped because I was expecting to pay $3, but it turns out they have 3D now, so that was really a good price, ha!

We both loved the movie. I may have even liked it more than he did! He wore my hoodie over his head the whole time to cut down the volume. He still hates loud noises.

Last night was Jack’s school program. It was mainly graduation for the kindergarten program, but each class got to sing.

The highlight of the night may have been the playing of Butterfly Kisses during the kindergarten slide show. Oh lawd.

Jack actually sang during his songs!

There was a bit of drama during the last song; Jack fell back and hit his head on a step in the beginning of the song and was crying, so his teacher hugged him and pulled him off-stage until Reid could get to him.

Jack starts school the very beginning of August, so it seems like such a short Summer. I feel like we’re making the best decision by sending him to school in the Fall, but I still get butterflies thinking about what all it means with him starting school full-time, adjusting to a school schedule, school rules, carpool, etc.

But, until then, it’s Summer!

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    July 18, 2014 9:16 am

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