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Around Here Lately

April 10, 2014

Last weekend Jack and I went to my parent’s house. Sometimes I wonder how many times I’ve traveled to Mobile from Birmingham since 2003, but I think the number would be depressing.

The night before we left, Jack was sad about leaving Reid and leaving his “friends” behind, so I made sure to have his friends road trip ready when I picked him up from school.

Jack is the best road trip partner, which makes sense considering how many times we’ve traveled just the two of us in his 5 years.

Our first night there, we ate Mexican and went for a walk on the pier.

We went for a trail walk and my dad had Jack convinced that bears were going to attack us at any moment. Sounds a lot like my childhood.

I will always be amazed at the amount of fabric my mom has in their house. This is just a small portion.

My mom is working on a rather large and double sided quilt, so I was there to help cut triangles for the hexagons.

Jack developed a Minecraft addiction.

We’re home now, but here are some pictures from the past two weeks.

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