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Star Wars Wall

March 30, 2014

Jack’s bed came in last week!

Can you tell that he was excited?

He said it looks like a pirate ship and that he’s the captain.

After celebrating Jack’s birthday last Thursday and Friday, Reid worked on Jack’s room all day yesterday and today and will do more tomorrow night.

We knew we wanted stripes, but we couldn’t decide how to do them or what colors we wanted on the gray walls. Last week, I came across a picture of a room with darker gray stripes on a light gray wall and we knew that’s exactly what we wanted.

After most of the painting was done, Reid painted this mural.

Just kidding, it’s a wallpaper from RoomMates Décor. Reid did most of the work getting it up and it was nothing like the quick and clean video we watched on YouTube. It easily could have gone majorly wrong, but Reid took his time and made it work.

It doesn’t seem to look as big in the pictures, so here’s one with Jack to show the size.

This is the before:

And after:

These were all before the curtains were hung back up and everything got moved back to his room.

There’s still more painting to be done, pictures to be framed, and a dresser to be bought, but it’s come a long way in just two days! I’m surprised at how much I love it; I thought the mural would look cheesy, but I think it works.

the end.

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