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Star Wars Room Time

March 19, 2014

After five years of the same décor, Jack’s room is getting a makeover! It was only a matter of time before it got the Star Wars treatment. By the way, you can see details of Jack’s nursery/room here and here.

This is basically what it looks like right now, except a lot messier and overcrowded with “friends” (stuffed animals). We finally took down the airplanes and letters. And, Reid sneakily took down Jack’s hospital wreath from his door while I was out of town without my knowing since I kept saying I wasn’t ready to take it down yet. After four years.

I never posted a picture of Jack’s Lego table that I talked about back in December, so here it is. Don’t let this picture from January fool you; it is no longer nice and organized; it’s a bit chaotic and out of hand.

I can see why people choose to organize Legos by color, not set. That’s another story for another day, though.

I’ve spent more time researching Star Wars posters, pictures, accessories, and bedroom makeovers than I care to admit. Right now, we’re still gathering ideas and trying to nail down final choices before we make any commitments. We, also, wanted to make sure this is what Jack really wants.

We ordered Jack’s bed two weeks ago and are hoping to pick it up today or tomorrow.

Eventually, we’ll buy the matching dresser and sell the crib and changing table/hutch. We’re still using the dresser/changing table/hutch that we bought when I was pregnant.

We’re really considering buying this wallpaper/decal to go behind Jack’s bed. At first, I was thinking we’d just hang some posters and showcase all the Star Wars toys, but Reid mentioned painting and even a mural, and then it just escalated from there. Why not go big? Literally, we measured and this thing will take up the entire back wall.

Our backup choice would be to paint the wall navy and add the stripes and logo like this with posters underneath it, copying this.

Ideally, we’d add this rug to the mix, but $150 makes it seem like a dumb decision.

But, these lamps are in our price range and we’ll eventually add one to the room.

We’re keeping his bedding the same, but will add a couple of pillows. We found this Yoda pillow at Target last week and I really need to go back to get it for Jack’s birthday.

I love these prints; they have them for Lego men, ships, etc.

If Jack had his way, he’d like every wall to be different Star Wars movie and he’d like a Darth Vader bathroom. We’ll see if that happens.

So, consider this the before of the makeover.

the end.

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