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Disney Recap, Day 6

March 10, 2014

The very last Disney post! It only took a few weeks!

We’ve been everywhere and done most of what we’ve wanted to do, so the last day is the day we focus on getting our favorites in for the last time. Of course, Jack really wanted to do the Toy Story ride again, but it would have taken a lot of time to ride it once.

We started out at the Magic Kingdom. The park seemed empty that morning!

We checked out the new Dumbo play area, but Jack kept thinking he was going to fall through the ropes, so he freaked out a little bit. And older kids kept running him over.

We got to see more clowns.

It started raining, so we finally went to Gaston’s Tavern for LeFrou’s Brew.

Then, after the rain, we got tricked into thinking the line for Winnie the Pooh was short.

We didn’t wait too long before we realized the sign was wrong and the line was pretty long. Nope, not worth it.

Since we were only concerned about getting autographs of characters we didn’t see the previous year, I really wanted to find Peter Pan. Also, it was a personal goal since we’ve never seen him hanging around.

We made it over there and they had already cut off the line and he wasn’t coming back that day.

We stood there, stalking Peter and Wendy. And begged the handler to please let us get in line since it’s our last day. I know they have a schedule, but you can’t blame me for trying.

The handler let Peter and Wendy know we wanted to see them and to make sure to say hi on their way out and we got this picture, which makes me laugh.

We listened to the Barber Shop singers some more and bought candy and jumped on the monorail for Epcot.

It was one of my favorite afternoons because we had already watched the shows we wanted to and only had dinner reservations, so we just walked around. Again, we love Epcot, even if it is just to walk around.

I have video of Jack calling Han Solo from these phones and telling him to leave the Magic Kingdom to come see us.

We ate in Japan and Jack finally ate real food! He didn’t even want chicken and French fries that week, he just ate snacks. And we let him because it’s Disney.

And, then we packed up our car the next morning and drove all the way home. Well, after our new friend, the security guy at our resort, restarted our battery for us twice.

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  1. Leslie permalink
    March 19, 2014 8:09 pm

    I am loving reading all the details of your trip. We are planning now and it’s overwhelming.

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