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Disney Recap, Day 5

March 10, 2014

Animal Kingdom day!

We started out the morning with a safari.

We did a little bit of a scavenger hunt book that’s set up for kids, but we knew if we focused on that and getting Jack badges that it’d take up our whole day.

Jack is laughing because he’s yelling at a gorilla, “Heeeeey, Cheeeeseburger!”

We had been saving getting his face painted while we were at this park. We were going to let him get his face painted at the Magic Kingdom, too, but he kept choosing to get cupcakes, so we said let’s just wait.

I was going to get something else to eat, but since I didn’t feel like walking and this is what Reid was having, we both ate at Yak and Yeti and it was the best choice!

We rode the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. This is something we’ve always skipped, so it made for a new and fun experience.

We spent a little time in the building, but eventually made our way out to the petting zoo.

As you can see, Jack was a little unsure with all the animal walking around us.

On the way out, we got to meet this owl and learn about what he eats.

Reid and I took turns riding the Primeval Whirl, while the other rode the dinosaurs with Jack.

We, also, took turns riding Everest with strangers. This was “Granny’s” first time and she was cussing by the end and not into it.

We watched the parade in the rain.

By this point, we were tired and wet, so we made our way over to The Tusker House to see if we could get in earlier for our dinner reservation. They let us in and I remember freezing the entire time from being wet and it being cold in there.

Jack was done by this point. We normally wouldn’t let him act like this at a restaurant, but we knew exhaustion had settled in.

He wasn’t asleep, but rested there the whole time and refused to eat.

After dinner, we went back to the resort to dry off and thaw out. We ate dinner around 4, so we had the rest of the night to go wherever we’d like. We decided on Downtown Disney, mainly for the Lego Store.

We walked around a little bit, but it was rainy and we were tired, so we didn’t stay out too late.

the end.

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