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Disney Recap, Day 4

March 1, 2014

This was our planned Hollywood Studios day, so we were back and in better spirits about being there this day than we were the day before.

After finding fresh coffee and an iced rice krispy treat, we visited the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area for the first time.

We were surprised by how impressed we were with it.

We spent time getting autographs the previous year, so this year was more about getting autographs of those we missed last time. Jack told Mickey Mouse at breakfast not to sign his book because he already had done it, ha!

We did make a mistake this day. And I knew better, but still didn’t do it. With the magic bands, you schedule your fast passes in advance, so we already had a fast pass to Toy Story Mania. We walked by there that morning and for some dumb reason, I didn’t pull a paper fast pass and I really should have because it ended up being Jack’s favorite ride.

The fast passes for this ride go within a few hours of the park opening and the line can be around an hour and a half, so there was no way to ride again. I felt so bad since Jack really wanted to ride again.

We ate lunch at Pizza Planet. And I know it’s not that great, but I really do love the pizza at Disney World. And we got fancy cupcakes!

Reid went to ride Tower of Terror while Jack and I walked around the Art of Animation building.

We found characters inside and decided to get autographs since we had some time. By the time it was our turn, Reid made it back.

We walked by The Little Mermaid show at just the right time. Once again, Jack was not impressed and got a little scared, which I don’t blame him- I had forgotten about the thunder and lightning part.

We did manage to get Jack to ride the Star Wars ride a couple more times. Our original plan was to sign Jack up for Jedi Training, but after explaining to Jack that we couldn’t go up there with him, he didn’t want to do it. Maybe next time.

I’m not even sure how this started; I’m sure Jack walked up to see all the guns and it just went from there. The two cast members at this kiosk were so sweet with Jack.

We ended up buying a gun and they threw in a fake bug Jack that was playing with. That said bug looks legit and ends up in drawers and closets and scares me every time!

Then, I met 1990s Oprah.

Jack held his gun for most of the day, taking care to shoot people getting in our way, like those on scooters.

We ate dinner at the Sci-Fi Drive In. Two words: vanilla Coke.

As soon as we walked out, the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights was beginning for the night.

The first song playing was Somewhere in my Memory, which is one of my holiday favorites. It was magical. And impressive.

We didn’t stay for too long because we wanted to make it to Fantasmic. We made it and actually had good seats for getting there right when it was starting.

Afterward, we checked the line for Toy Story Mania and it was still too much, but we waited in line to meet Buzz and Woody in Andy’s room.

When we got back to the resort, we walked to the main campus to get something to drink and shop.

We didn’t stay long, though.

the end.

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