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Disney Recap, Day Three

February 26, 2014

We had a reservation for a late breakfast at Ohana, which meant we had to take a bus to the Magic Kingdom and then, ride a boat over to the Polynesian. The main thing I remember was how cold I was on the boat ride. I was not prepared to be cold that morning!

The Polynesian is Reid’s favorite resort. We hope to stay there at some point; probably many, many years from now.

It’s a Hawaiian themed character breakfast, so I assumed other families would be dressed accordingly. Nope, just Reid and Jack.

Notice Jack’s hand. He’s trying to be like Mickey.

After breakfast, we rode the monorail to the Contemporary Resort to see the big gingerbread house.

We finally made our way over to Hollywood Studios.

It was a big, big day. The previous year, Jack was too small for the Star Wars ride, but we asked if we could take him in the building to see all the speeders and things in the queue, but they wouldn’t even let us do that.

We knew Jack had to be 40 inches to ride and when we started planning this trip, he was around 36/37 inches. We had talked up the ride and told him on numerous occasions that he needed to make sure to eat his dinner so he could get tall enough to ride Star Wars. Don’t act like you’ve never said things to coax your kids to eat.

And it worked! 😉

Jack loves walkers, so here they are under one.

And, then, here’s overwhelmed Jack.

It’s a 3D ride and you’re moved all around and it looks like you’re going to hit things, etc. Jack was not a fan.

We were a little sad that he didn’t like it, but moved on with our day. Jack got to build two new droids to go with his one from last year.

We walked around for a little bit, not knowing what to do. We really thought we’d be riding the Star Wars ride all day, but Jack didn’t want to ride again, and none of us were feeling like being at this park. Not sure how to explain it. We had dinner reservations there the next day, so we knew we’d be there all day then, so we left and went back to the Magic Kingdom.

The first stop was food.

Riding Dumbo at night.

I think our plans were to get a drink at the Polynesian resort, but I felt dead and wanted to go to sleep, so Jack and I went back by ourselves, while Reid went to the Tambu Lounge.

And that’s all I really remember from that night.

the end.

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