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Disney Recap, Day Two

February 23, 2014

We were up early and arrived at Epcot before it opened this day.

We met up with friends (Clint, Leah, and their girls, Caroline and Hannah) who’s trip overlapped ours. They had been there a few days and were leaving either the next day or after that.

I’m pretty sure we rode Spaceship Earth first because it’s hard to walk by it and not ride it when Jack loves it so much. Then, headed to Soarin’ to use our Fast Passes.

Reid and I love this ride and it was Jack’s first time to meet the height requirement to ride, so we were so excited!

I got to sit next to Caroline, which was really fun for me because she had such huge reactions to everything, whereas Jack just takes things in very quietly. It was so cute!

While we were over there, we went back to Nemo. Most of the times we’ve been in that building have been at night, where not much is going on. Apparently, it’s a different world during the day with dolphin feedings, shows, etc.

We made our way over to Test Track. Jack and Reid designed our car.

The dad next to use built this car for his girls. Jack was jealous.

This ride stresses me out a little bit. You’re jerked around a little bit and have one big stop. I’m tense the entire time trying to prepare for it all so my neck and back aren’t whipped around. I kept my hand behind Jack’s head most of the time so his head wouldn’t hit against the car the whole time. Plus, I was worried he’d be scared since the ride is so dark.

At the end of the ride, it opens up and you’re outside going 65 MPH around a track. Reid had attached the GoPro to the car, so we can see Jack smiling as we’re going around the track, but he won’t admit to it. Jack says it was too fast and didn’t want to ride again.

There are a lot of short shows all around Epcot that I wanted to make sure we saw that day since we’d never really planned it that way and missed shows in the past. The Jamminators was one I wanted to see.

They gave all the kids a sticker at the end and the guy called Jack by name and the other kids couldn’t figure out how they knew Jack’s name.

We tried to get pressed pennies from every county, until we realized not every country has a pressed penny machine.

At the Mexico pavilion, there’s a boat ride with The Three Caballeros. Jack has always loved that cartoon, so this is a favorite for him.

The previous year, our trip goal had been to get Mexican Donald Duck’s autograph. It just never worked out, until the very last day and Reid was with his parents in Canada and Jack and I were in Mexico. Reid ran all the way and made it in time.

I bought Jack a random assortment of trading pins off of eBay before our trip so he could trade with cast members. He really enjoyed this more than I thought he would and came home with some really great pins.

This is the day Jack decided he’d like to be a Chinese acrobat when he grows up.

Reid went to get a margarita at a stand next to Mexico, but they required ID and he didn’t have his. We were eating in Germany that night and had been planning to get a drink there for months, so just in case, he went back to the room to get his ID.

This left Jack and me to ourselves to take in shows and explore.

The customer service and attentiveness from Cast Members at Disney World is astounding. I’m always so thankful for their kindness towards Jack, like teaching him how to use the bow and arrow.

Don’t ask me why, but I love to walk around the shops at Disney, especially with all the Christmas decorations out. Jack and I spent time in MouseGear while Reid rode Mission: Space.

Waiting on our dinner reservation in Germany.

I was nervous about the food, but it was all incredible and we all thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. This is a new favorite place and we’ll be eating here again when we go back. The only downside was sitting family style with strangers who would not.stop.talking. about their fantastic lives and how much they knew about everything in the world.

After dinner, we went back to the Magic Kingdom for the parade and Wishes and Extra Magic Hours. Mickey’s Christmas Party is almost every night and they don’t do Wishes on those nights, so we made sure not to miss it.

Popcorn occupied Jack while we waited for the parade to begin.

The downside to this night was certain people being in the way. During the parade, a huge adult man was at the street edge, in front of children, and sticking out his body while holding up his very brightly lit iPad so he could film the entire parade. C’mon. I understand wanting pictures, etc, but there are tons of well done videos on YouTube of all the parades and shows, why even try? Ok, sorry for that non-magical rant.

Mesmerized Jack.

After the parade, we made our way to the front of the castle for Wishes. We all watched the projection show, but the boys left to go ride Buzz again, while I stayed for Wishes because Jack started to get sad about seeing fireworks.

I only made it about halfway through Wishes because someone behind me had the spotlight on their video camera turned on and it was too annoying for me to handle and I’m short and I felt like I was watching the show through everyone’s iPhone screens in front of me. So, I met up with the boys.

We did a few things in Tomorrowland, mainly the Laugh Floor, and then left to get some sleep.

the end.

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