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Disney Clothes Edition, plus odds and ends…

February 22, 2014

I took advantage of knowing this would be my last trip to Disney that I’d get to plan out Jack’s clothes. I won’t be making him wear this stuff when he’s 10. Or will I?

You can check out his clothes from 2012 here.

I had a really hard time narrowing it down because there are so many cute choices. I said this last time, or maybe I should have, but what your kid wears to Disney is not important and really doesn’t matter, I do this because I enjoy it and it is my way for preparing for the trip. Also, I kept a couple of the shirts, but have sold everything else, so no money lost.

Magic Kingdom/Epcot:

The shirt was made from a vinyl decal from Miss Morgan Designs. I made the shorts.


My favorite outfit of the trip!
The blank shirt came from a sale from Smockadot Kids and another vinyl from Miss Morgan Designs. I love that I could customize the colors on the vinyl to match his shorts that he already had.

We carried this long-sleeved shirt around almost everyday because we never knew when it would be needed.

From Sweet Lil’ Designs on Etsy

Ohana Breakfast:

Blank from Old Navy, decal from Miss Morgan Designs

Jack’s Hawaiian shirt was thrifted.

Hollywood Studios:

Jack was wearing a sticker over it, but the vinyl is from MMD, of course. The shirt and shorts were on Summer clearance from WalMart, another plus of going in the Fall.

Animal Kingdom:

MMD again

Ponchos are a must at Disney and this was the best one ever. My mother in law found this on sale somewhere and sent it with us.

This shirt was from a seller on Facebook who is no longer in business because she sold her business after taking way too many orders and not fulfilling them or returning the money.

Shorts are homemade.

This hoodie came in handy and he’s worn it through the Winter. I bought it somewhere cheap online, can’t remember, and had The Stitch Shop on Etsy applique it.

Old Navy shirt with design from MMD.

Here are some options that I didn’t use. To find any of these, just type in Mickey Mouse Shirt on Etsy. Truly.

Here’s a little peak into my craziness.

I put together all of Jack’s outfits (socks, underwear, everything) for each day and labeled them. I don’t know that this was necessary or helped, but I did it the previous year, too.

I, also, had put together a stroller bag to make sure we had everything that first day without having to dig around for it.

Again, not necessary and I over packed the stroller. We didn’t pack that much in it as the week went on.

I bought out the Dollar Tree to make sure Jack would have something each night. He didn’t beg for it, but he likes light up stuff anyway, so I knew it wouldn’t go to waste.

Jack did pressed pennies this year, so I made a holder for him. I only needed a tiny piece of vinyl and didn’t want to buy a whole roll, so this is cut from a sheet of black duct tape from Walmart, instead.

We had the “free” dining plan while we were there, which is basically two meals a day, which we mainly used for lunch and dinner, so I packed Jack’s breakfast for each day. Each bag had a juice box, cheese crackers, granola bar, and a napkin. And probably fruit snacks, can’t remember.

I’ll be back to the daily posts tomorrow, don’t you worry.

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