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Disney Recap, Part 1

February 21, 2014

We took another trip to Disney World last November, but this time it was just the three of us. We took 860 pictures and 111 videos, so I thought I’d share all of them with you over the next five months. I’ll try to only share the highlights. Sure, it’s a few months late, but I’ve been meaning to do this whenever I got in the mood for it and now I am. Plus, I love reading other people’s trip recaps. It’s all a part of my Disney sickness/obsession. Call it what you may.

Here we go!

We went with Reid’s family to Disney in June 2012 and it was a great first trip for Jack.

It was really emotional for me because finally being able to take Jack was something I’d been dreaming of for a while. I remember going with Reid when Jack was 9 months old and crying while watching Wishes (a nightly fireworks show over the castle at the Magic Kingdom) thinking of how great it’ll be to bring Jack here one day and experience it with him. And it was magical.

Reid and I were thinking we’d take a trip to Los Angeles last Fall. But, sometime around February or March of last year, I was teary eyed after watching our Disney videos with Jack and called Reid at work, joking that we needed to go back to Disney.

I wasn’t the only one feeling this way, so back to Disney we went.

We went into this trip knowing it’d be our last Disney fix for a while since there are other places in the world we’d like to venture to and experience. And this trip really was incredible, but we noticed everything felt a little too familiar since we were just there the previous year.

Jack knew we were going to Disney, but didn’t know the exact timeframe. We just told him it’d be a long, long time. As the trip got closer, we told him we were taking a road trip to visit friends. He never once questioned it.

We left early on a Saturday morning and drove almost the entire way. We stayed an hour away from Disney so we could have most of the day at the parks the next day. And be well rested.

I gave Jack his random Legos and he played and played with them the whole way.

We had some car trouble a couple of hours into our trip, but we were able to get our car to an Advanced Auto Parts and an older gentleman helped Reid replace a belt that had snapped. It really could have been so much worse and we weren’t in a hurry to be any where that day.

We spent the night in a hotel that we’d booked months in advance. It turned into our own version of hotel hell. Let’s just say they were overbooked with a kid’s football team and no sleep was to be had by me or Reid. It was not our ideal situation since we were planning to be well rested going into the parks. All the bitterness melted when we drove under the Welcome to Disney World sign. Well, there’s still some bitterness, but that’s ok.

We filmed us going under the sign and explaining to Jack where we were. It took a while for it to sink in, but he was ready to ride Dumbo and eat a Mickey ice cream bar soon enough.

After a horrible hotel experience, we were so happy to be arriving into the most customer service friendly place.

It doesn’t matter how crowded it is, the first bus ride is a happy ride.

I’m a little fuzzy, but I think we went straight to the Liberty Tree Tavern because it was time for our lunch reservation.

Buzz Lightyear was Jack’s favorite ride. I think we rode it about 10 times that week.

We didn’t get to see any of the new Fantasyland the previous year, so there were a few things that were new to us, including this funny clown show.

We were crossing our fingers that Jack wouldn’t lose his mind and cry during Philhargaic again this year, but nope…he’s still not a fan.

But the Speedway makes up for it.

I was SO happy to ride the new Little Mermaid ride! I wanted to ride it again, but not enough to wait in line.

I think either the Mickey Christmas party was happening that night or maybe we just wanted to go to Epcot, but we took advantage of our park hopper tickets and went to Epcot that evening.

Jack LOVES riding Spaceship Earth, which will never cease to amuse me. We rode it a lot, which I like because I can stretch out and almost take a nap.

My postcard from the future.

We were torn about dinner, but tried our luck at Sunshine Seasons and were so happy with our choices!

We took some time to enjoy Nemo. I remember hiding out at the Nemo ride the year before because the fireworks show terrified Jack.

We found a good place for Illuminations and had our favorite snacks ready, but Jack had a flashback and suddenly realized what was about to happen.

We started leaving when the show started and slowly, slowly made our way out of the park so Reid and I could still enjoy the music and fireworks. Illuminations is our favorite, but we knew we had all week and it wasn’t worth making Jack so upset on the first night.

the end.

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