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First Day of School

January 13, 2014

Over the past few months, Jack had made it clear that he had no desire to go to school. Not that he had much to base it off of, but he still had that mindset. Let’s just say he’s not into large groups of kids. And do you blame him? Just kidding. But really.

When we looked at this preschool last month, though, he got excited about it. It really was a huge deal and I think it proved that he just needed time.

He was supposed to start preschool last week, but was sick all week with a really bad cold. Today was finally the day!

I think I had gotten all my tears and anxiety out by the time today came because I felt fine going into it. And Jack seemed excited.

I got there a bit early to drop off forms and we saw his teacher at the office and walked with her to his classroom.

I didn’t want to drag it out and make Jack sad, so I just hugged him bye at the door and jetted out.

He was really calm walking into the classroom and hung up his backpack and that was that. Very anti-climatic, which was nice! We had been going over and over with him that I would be dropping him off and picking him up later, not wanting him to be surprised when I left. And, apparently, it worked.

I ran a couple of errands, trying to rush because I didn’t want to waste my precious alone time. I did have a feeling of freedom, which wasn’t something I expected. I rushed home and did some cleaning and worked on some orders for Etsy, but I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped because the time FLEW by. It was only 3 hours.

I did tear up here and there throughout the morning, but would distract myself and move on.

This was my first time in a carpool line, ha! Thankfully, it’s not long. Jack was already talking before the car door was even shut! Some kid had a Clone Wars backpack and he was excited about it.

Jack didn’t have a ton to say about it. He said he had fun, liked craft time, got bored during the time they go over the day of the week and the weather, made a friend with a boy who gets in trouble frequently, didn’t like the girls, and got frustrated with how loud the kids were during playtime.

This “school” seems more of a Mother’s Day Out; there isn’t a set curriculum used. In fact, one of the worksheets he came home with was the exact worksheets we use at home for learning his letters.

We still don’t know what we’ll do in the Fall yet as far as choosing public school or home school. I go back and forth in my head daily and am trying to calm down and take it a step at a time. Today was a big step for us and I’m glad it’s over. We still have time to decide about the Fall.

the end.

Don’t you worry, Christmas part two is coming tomorrow.

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