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Christmas Part One

January 5, 2014

This is the catch-all post for everything before Christmas day.

These pjs have to be posted. Jack loves Elf and checks it out from the library almost every time we go, so my mom sent him an early Christmas package of elf pajamas and the movie.

I’m not sure which day it was, but one day before Christmas Jack and I went to brunch with Santa at the library. It was chocolate milk, powdered donuts, and a craft, and then, you get a picture made with Santa.

My 29th birthday was before Christmas, too. It was a very low-key day. I didn’t even shower or do my hair or make-up. We visited with Deena, which led to her dad entertaining Jack quite a bit. I wish I had the pictures from that day, but my phone broke that night.

Notice Reid’s Star Wars shirt and my fleece Mickey Mouse pajamas. I started the last year in my 20s with class.

Reid is off work for two weeks every year at Christmas, which is so nice. We took Jack to the mall to mail his wish list to Santa.

After he mailed his list, he got me to write a note on a card that he’d like “lots and lots and lots of Legos.” He, also, asked Santa to bring treats for Chewy.

And, while shopping, Jack found these mirrors.

We built a gingerbread house before Christmas, too. That’s a lie. I didn’t help much; it was Reid and Jack who put it together.

The Monday before Christmas, we went to Tuscaloosa to celebrate Christmas with Reid’s family.

These pictures aren’t in order, but we went to lunch at Taziki’s with Reid’s parents for my birthday, then back to their house for presents. We visited with Reid’s grandmother that afternoon and then, went to his cousin’s house for dinner and visiting with family.

I can’t wait to wear polka dot house dresses like this when I’m old!

It’s blurry, but these are iPhone covers for our new phones that say best friends. We didn’t really keep them, but it was funny.

Reid’s cousin and her husband has the cutest little girl, Hadlee. I hate that this is blurry!

Hadlee and her Daddy, Will.

This is Jack with Reid’s Aunt Dianne and her dog, Shep. Jack is allergic to dogs, but that doesn’t stop him from loving on Shep. Shep’s his favorite dog!

That night, Jack got his first legit Star Wars Lego set. It’s a big deal.

And that was everything before Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I’d share more, but Downton Abbey is coming on…so…

the end.

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