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Two Weekend Updates in One

December 15, 2013

Last weekend was really low key. I really don’t remember what we did except for that Sunday.

Sunday, we went to Rhapsody, a local shop, to see Santa and get Jack’s face painted. I loved the pictures from last year because it was all outside, but it was raining this time, so it was all inside.

Jack didn’t know what to tell Santa before he got up there, but he remembered to tell him he’d like a Lego Fire Station for Christmas.

And, then, he got his face painted. He may care more about getting his face painted and a cookie than seeing Santa. And that’s ok.

After that, Reid and I took turns running in stores to return/exchange things while the other stayed in the car with Jack since it was so rainy and cold.

This weekend, we built a train at Lowes.

Jack was smelling the train because the stickers were scratch and sniff– peppermint and chocolate.

After that, we went to a Christmas party with Reid’s family. It was a good time to see everyone and eat lots of good homemade food!

I didn’t take any pictures, but we made sure to get a picture of Jack with another Jack Davis. He’s one of Jack’s great grandfather’s brothers.

Afterward, Reid’s parents came over to visit.

Today (Sunday) has been about staying warm. Reid cleaned out the shed and I ran some errands. Jack drank hot chocolate and watched Charlie Brown.

Also, from this weekend, Jack and I visited his preschool on Friday for a tour and to meet his teacher and classmates.

Honestly, I felt sick all morning about going and maybe even cried in the shower. Yep. But, we put on our brave faces and are so glad we did!

You have to know that Jack has said many times he’s not going to school and usually cries at the mention of school.

I was impressed with the school’s security, so that made me feel a lot better. Jack was impressed by all the crafts decorating each room.

We stayed for story time in his class, which was Jack’s choice. Jack screamed/cried when we left because he thought he was going to get to do craft time, but it was time for everyone to go home.

I feel tons better about all of it now that we’ve visited and have met everyone. I just can’t believe he’s starting preschool in January! I will be a wreck by then.

the end.

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