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A Whole New World

November 14, 2013

I’m not sure how it started, but I’m close to being finished with all of Jack’s Christmas presents for this year. Normally, I am not this person. Normally, I roll my eyes at this person…Just like you’re doing right now.

I’ve been on eBay for a couple weeks, setting timers for when to bid, and have been watching Facebook resale pages like crazy and have found some good deals.

Jack’s main gift this year will be a Lego table.

This is my inspiration (From Centsational Girl):

The thought of teeny tiny little Legos all over the house doesn’t appeal to me, so this would hopefully fix that problem before it starts.

My parents were able to pick up the table for us at Ikea a couple weeks ago, so we’ll get that from them Thanksgiving. I’ve been looking into those plates, but to cover that table, it’d be over $60–leaving us no budget for the actual Legos!

As we’re entering the world of Legos, we’re realizing these things are EXPENSIVE! I had NO IDEA. What the what. How are these tiny blocks so much money!?* And it’s taken me a while to find just a straight up bucket of Legos, not a kit.

People sell them on eBay by the pound, and, also, at 2nd & Charles, but sometimes it’s $1 an ounce. An ounce of Legos is about 5 pieces, people.

My fear after my parents bought the table and seeing these prices was Jack waking up Christmas morning and wondering why the heck Santa brought him a coffee table, ha!

I finally scored a big box of random Legos from a woman on Facebook. I need to majorly bleach and scrub them, but they’ll get him started. And my friend, Holly, hooked me up with a great Lego deal.

I’m hoping this set will be involved in a Black Friday sale:

As I mentioned yesterday, we can’t walk into the Galleria without visiting the Lego store.

I’m starting to think maybe Legos are the equivalent of American Girl dolls for boys? I’ve seen little girls pour over the American Girl catalogs and oooo and ahhhh over it. And now, Jack is oooing and ahhhing over the Lego catalog.

He was literally exclaiming with excitement over all the things he found in it.

Honestly, I think all three of us are a little mesmerized by all of it.

It has led to Jack cutting out pictures and gluing them to sheets as a type of wish list.

I really want Jack and Reid to get this for Christmas.

Jack needs this ornament, I’m sure.

And I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting this Advent calendar some day.

We’re going on a long road trip soon, so I’ve been trying to think of entertaining things for Jack in the car. Initially, I thought about making a little road/town set out of felt for his cars, but he might be a little old for it and it’d be a lot of work.

I’ve seen travel Lego boxes online with a little board glued to the inside of a crayon box and thought that would be fun, but stepped it up a little.

I bought the cookie sheet at the Dollar Tree because he can use it for this and for coloring in the car. The sheet came from the Lego store. And the box came from Etsy.

These will be his first legit Legos. I can’t wait to give these to him when we get on the road!

We’ll be visiting a massive Lego store later this month, so I can’t wait to see Jack lose his mind when we walk in!

the end.

*I was informed by a friend there’s a podcast somewhere explaining the popularity and price of Legos, but can’t find it. I did find this, though.

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