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America’s Next Top Model

November 13, 2013

Last week, there was a post from a local magazine on Facebook asking for children ages 3-6 for a carousel photo shoot, so I thought I’d send Jack’s picture in, just for kicks.

They emailed right back and said they’d like him to come to the shoot and gave us more details.

I was really nervous how Jack would do because he won’t even take his beanbag up to the basket by himself at story time, how will he ever ride the carousel in front of strangers without me?

We’d been talking it up to Jack, preparing him for what would be expected of him and he said he could do it.

We got there right at 8am. It was kind of cool to be in a quiet and deserted Galleria.

I expected a lot more children, but turns out they selected 4 children out of the 75+ emails they had received! Two boys and two girls.

They took individual shots first of the kids riding a reindeer.

Jack, my daredevil (yeah, right), requested to sit in the sleigh.

He did so good!!!! I couldn’t believe he never asked for me to sit with him and never acted scared. I’m so proud of his bravery!

I did have to jump around behind the photographer and act like an idiot so his smiles wouldn’t look so fake.

Eventually, he got on a reindeer, which is big deal.

Then, they put all the children on and let them ride so they could get more photos.

Overall, he got to ride 5 times in a row. What a dream come true for any kid, right?

We were told the issue with these photos will be out at the end of this month. I’m excited to see if his picture actually makes it in there, you never know.

Afterward, we had to go by the Lego store, even if they weren’t open yet.

We always love looking at their window displays, anyway.

Homeboy want this Ewok Village. That’s not going to happen. Sorry, buddy.

the end.

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