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Halloween Recap

November 1, 2013

When Jack got in bed last night, he told me it was a great day for Halloween. And it was.

We started the day off with a long walk around the neighborhood. Seeing who could spot pumpkins or other Halloween decorations first became a game. Afterward, I needed milk for a smoothie, so we went to a close grocery store that has really cheap candy.

Jack bought a massive Tootsie Roll and some other goodies with the candy money my parents sent him.

We met up with Jessica and her boys for trick-or-treating at the Hoover Library.

Crosby was the cutest fox!

Jack loved shooting EVERYBODY.

I was really thankful for everyone playing along with Jack. It was really sweet.

But, poor Crosby got shot a lot. Too much.

Every desk in this massive library had candy for the kids. It was cute and gave us something festive to do during the day since everything else seems to always be at night.

Krispy Kreme was offering a free donut for every person in a costume, so that was our next stop.

Jack and I went home for the afternoon to clean up and get ready for that evening.

Reid’s parents came over to eat dinner and trick-or-treat with us. They brought my favorite sugar cookies!

At one point, someone in the neighborhood was thinking of posting signs to postpone trick-or-treating until tonight because of rain, but that didn’t happen, thankfully! We would have gone in the rain if we had to!

Jack was really into it, of course.

Every Halloween, I realize how much I love our neighborhood. Most of our neighbors get into it and are so sweet.

This is Jack’s favorite Halloween decoration. He loves this cat!

Jack made sure to shoot every person who gave him candy. This guy had a car set up and a gun ready for Jack. After he gave him candy, of course.

Jack wouldn’t get in his car, but Nana did, ha!

After two streets, it started to rain a bit, so we headed home. Jack’s bucket was almost full, anyway.

Jack had a costume change and went through his candy while waiting on trick-or-treaters to come to our house. He told me later that he likes giving out candy better than going to get candy.

We saw a lot of zombies. And even a zombie cat. Whaaaaaa???

All in all, it was a great day.

PS: Best costume of the night goes to this little mermaid:

The “bubbles” were lit up with glow sticks inside. It was so cute and creative!

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