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Weekend Update

October 31, 2013

Friday afternoon, Jack and I made cookies. We’ve had Halloween sprinkles we’d been saving.

He loved being able to ice them himself and use as many sprinkles as possible.

Earlier that day, Jack and I worked on a race track.

This is when he laid down and told me to set all the cars up by myself. Um, no.

Saturday, we went to a local Fall Festival.

Jack is Captain Rex this year for Halloween. We have run into one person who knew who he was. Most people just call him a storm trooper, which is fine. Captain Rex is from The Clone Wars.

Jack stayed in character the entire time. And shot everybody. Even Woody.

One person told Jack he was a cool looking Luke Skywalker. I know not everyone is up on their Star Wars, but really!?

We went down the little Trick-or-Treat trail.

No chocolate on this trick-or-treat trail. That’s the real trick.

Jack couldn’t break character during photos.

Look who we found working out at the festival:

On the way home, we bought pumpkins at a local grocery store because they were cheap and HUGE!

Then, headed to the place Jack called the pumpkin patch. It’s really a local nursery.

We think it’d be cool if we had this house for Chewy in our backyard.

On the way home, I remembered just in time that our library was having a festival. Jack played games and got candy.

That afternoon, Casey and Sheena came over football, taco soup, and scary stories. Jack loves them. Maybe too much. He was all over them the whole time, ha! I have no pictures to prove it, though. Whomp whomp.

Sunday afternoon, Reid and Jack worked on pumpkins. I love this shot.

We were going to hit up a couple church fall festivals, but we didn’t feel like driving far. One was supposed to have cotton candy, popcorn, and face painting. What more could you want? Instead, we went to a trunk or treat by our house.

Tip of the day: If you’re looking for candy and not the crappy Jolly Rancher candy, go to trunk or treats! Loads of chocolate!

This was our favorite car:

Jack was content to walk up and grab one piece of candy from each bucket. I made sure to pull him aside and tell him it’s ok to dig your hand in there and get a big handful. Parenting skills 101, people.

Meanwhile, the mom behind me was instructing her child to only get one piece.

One of my favorite moments from the weekend was getting home that night and all three of us going through Jack’s candy together and trying different things. Jack organized it all and pulled out all the “disgusting candy.”

Jack’s tried new candies this week and has found a new love for Tootsie Rolls, Nerds, and Reese’s Cups.

the end.

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