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Halloween Up in Here

October 24, 2013

Let’s act like it hasn’t been over a month since I posted and just pick up as if I blog all the time.

Jack and I have been sick with RSV (basically, a really bad cold) since last Friday. (I wasn’t officially tested, but I’m pretty sure I had RSV, too.) We’re still not a 100%, but today was the best we’ve felt, so we ventured out a little.

We went to the Dollar Store for a couple Halloween decorations.

Never have I ever decorated for Halloween. Or even had the desire to do so.

But, living with a little boy who loves the word “spooky” and is obsessed with finding spiders changes you.

It started yesterday as something to help cheer Jack up. I was only going to do a little printable banner. But, then, I kept going.

It’s very thrown together, but whatever; it’ll only be up a week, anyway.

The fabric banner is just scraps of fabric hot glued to a piece of twine.

The spiders were cut out with my Silhouette and glued to twine. I, also, cut out bats and taped them to the wall. Fancy, right? (It’s a joke.)

The Boo banner was a free printable from

I think the black spider web is my favorite part. Dollar Tree find. And it came with a glow in the dark spider for Jack.

Jack chose this gloriousness for his room.

I had some spiders left over, so I hung them above our dining table and added a fake web. That web stuff is hard to work with and doesn’t look right.

The plastic table cover is from Wal-Marts.

This banner came from Be Different…Act Normal. Love it!

Not crazy about the “spider webs,” but Jack likes them, so they’re staying.

Jack went crazy over this plastic goblet at the Dollar Tree, so it came home with us, too. He’s been drinking out of it all afternoon.

I’m really happy I got in the mood to decorate a little for Halloween. It’s nice to be festive and have a party-feel to our house.

I don’t know what Halloween music we’d listen to, so we listed to Christmas music while we decorated.

I’m really looking forward to taking Jack to a few Fall festivals this weekend. Just say face painting and candy and we’ll be there.

the end.

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