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The Catch-All Post

September 13, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah Kate and her family were in town from Savannah for a week. Holly, Sarah Kate and I met up at the zoo with all 7 (really six; Holly’s niece came, too) kids.

There’s just something about seeing all our kids together. It’s so special. And a little crazy. We only lost one kid once and it was only for a couple of minutes. Score!

Jack and I hung out with Sarah Kate and her family a couple more times that week at her hotel. Jack loves her kids and had so much fun with them!

That same week, Clint and Theresa were in town, so we got to visit with them a little.

We went to Steel City Pops and I happened to take some Christmas card photos for them. Not really. But, I really do think Deena should mail these out at Christmas.

Jack was there, too, but he was having a “I chose the wrong flavor popsicle and it’s too late and I’m going to cry” issue.

A few weeks ago, Dustin, Cammie, and the kids came up for a school reunion. During the reunion, we met up with Max, Sally, Kilee and Carter for dinner.

There are no pictures of the three kids because they can’t all cooperate at the same time and it’s not worth the headache.

Reid had a birthday lots of weeks ago, but I wanted to share these pictures. Jack was so into planning a “party” for him. All the friends came to celebrate and eat cake.

Last week, my mom came in town for a couple days to help out while Reid and I had some medical tests done. (We’re fine!) At first, we told her not to come up since we thought we’d be fine, but turns out it is a goooood thing she was here to take care of Jack and, at times, me.

Jack and Chewie’s relationship is still going strong.

Jack’s favorite things to watch right now are America’s Funniest Videos and a DVD Reid made of all our videos from Disney World last year.

Choosing a Halloween costume might be one of the hardest decisions of Jack’s life, to date. He’s been trying out the ones he already has.

These are some typical shots from our living room. Blocks, cars, trains–everywhere. And mismatched pjs.

And there you have it. Some highlights with some randoms thrown in, too.

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