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What I’m Loving Wednesday

August 21, 2013

I bought this cup from WalMart and the vinyl monogram from Etsy. You can buy tumblers already monogrammed from Etsy, but I love that this one is 24 ounces. I keep it with me all day.

Buying vinyl monograms is too easy; makes me want to monogram everything. But, as much as I can appreciate a good monogram, I do solemnly swear to never monogram my car. I draw the line right there.

Also, if you’re on my Christmas list, forget you ever saw this because you might be getting one!

Could be in my head, but I have felt better lately after taking these vitamins for a few weeks. I found a great price on; there are a lot of coupon codes out there for this site and free shipping on most orders.

I found these steppers at a yard sale across the street for $4. I’ve kind of wanted steps for a while, but didn’t want to spend the money on them, so this was a nice treat.

I thought I was over chevron fabric last year, but the trend never went away and I’m back to loving it, again. Maybe because it seems to be everywhere.

The random conversations with Jack. He wanted me to take a picture of his newly discovered freckle. And, then, count all his freckles.

He told me today he’s saving the money in his piggy bank for a Coke at Disney World. (He changes what he’s saving for almost daily.) I told him I’d buy him a Coke at Disney, but he insisted he buys it because he wants his own Coke and not just a sip.

Just like he did with Papa at McDonalds. He can’t stop talking about Papa (Reid’s Dad) letting him have his own Coke.

I know I posted this on FB/Instagram, but seriously, I can’t get over this picture.

Jack’s engineering skills. He built a slide with these blocks. He builds a new/different train tracks/system almost everyday. We’ve realized he’s more into the building and setting up of the train tracks/set than playing with it once it’s set up.

This book by Susan Cain. I’m only three chapters in and my mind has exploded. This book is a game changer. Considering we’re a house of introverts, it’s a must read. It makes me much more thankful for my introverts.

I’m, also, loving that two friends are reading this book right now, too, so we can discuss and process it together. Or, at least, say we’re going to when our schedules allow.

This video is a bit like the intro in the book.


the end.

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