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Lucky Number 7

July 18, 2013

Jack is an early riser.

Always has been.

And be early, I mean 5am. Or 6am. Or 4:45am.

No matter what time he goes to bed, he’s up before the sun.

Lately, his body has revolted due to lack of sleep. He wasn’t sleeping well at night, but was still getting up way too early and not napping during the day.

Two weeks ago, we tried an idea we had talked about before. It was time.

We bought a huge digital clock and covered the minutes with a piece of paper.

We told Jack he couldn’t get out of bed until the red number was 7.

OCD Jack took the paper off; he couldn’t understand why we’d put paper on a clock. Whatever.

That next morning, he was up at 5, asking for breakfast.

I, literally, had to chase and wrangle him down in the living room once he realized I was going to put him back in bed.

Not the first time I’ve done this.

I told him he didn’t have to sleep, but he had to stay in bed until the clock read seven.

He got up about every 10 minutes that hour, but I put him back in bed every time.

And, from 6-7 he made train noises. Loudly.

And, at 7, he got up and told me it was 7 and we started the day.

The next morning, he got up 10 til 7, and again 2 minutes til 7. Those last two minutes I laid down with him since he was so ready to get up and couldn’t understand it was about to be 7.

And, then, magic happened.

He slept til 7:30 the next morning.

At my parents’ house last week, he slept til 8 o’clock one day. My dad even checked on him because he knows how Jack sleeps. Or doesn’t sleep.

We were all sure the world was ending.

And then, at the beach, he waited til 7 everyday to get out of bed.

There is a bit of bride involved.

We’ve told him once he’s proved he can be responsible with this alarm clock (like not changing the time, unplugging it, following the wake up rule), he can pick out a fun clock.

The Boba Fett is my first choice. Or maybe Darth Vader.

But, Jack has his eye on this Captain Rex clock.

I cannot stress enough how life changing and mind blowing this is!!!!!!!

I still can’t believe he’s not getting up until 7 every day and I’m not fighting with him at 5am about the importance of sleep.

He’s still been tired lately, telling us at night he’s ready for bed, but we’ve been traveling a lot and he’s worn out. Plus, ideally, I’d like him to be in bed and asleep by 7.

7 to 7, baby. I know it’ll happen soon.

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  1. Leslie permalink
    July 19, 2013 7:21 pm

    That’s what we did with Sam too. It worked so well for my kid who loves numbers. Now, he does not understand why little sister doesn’t wait till 7. Glad you all are getting more sleep! It makes such a difference in everyones mood!

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