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First Movie

July 11, 2013

When we first saw something about Monster’s University last year, we thought we’d take Jack this Summer to see it.

Then, we got smart. There are some parts of Monsters, Inc we have to skip through because it scares Jack. So, screams and monsters in a theater may not be such a good idea.

But, after seeing the preview on TV last week, Jack said he wanted to see it. And I felt nostalgic because we all love Monsters Inc, so let’s just do it.

I made sure we weren’t at a 3D theater because it gives me a headache and I wasn’t sure Jack would like it.

We went during the day and Reid wasn’t sad about missing it, so I didn’t feel bad leaving him out, although it did feel weird for him to miss the first movie experience.

I went with an open mind, thinking we may not even be able to sit down. Or we may just make it 15 minutes.

Jack was so excited. He couldn’t believe how big the TV was, ha!

It was just me, my sister, and Jack and two other people in the theater.

Jack did great, but I think getting to eat candy played a big part.

About an hour into it, he kept saying he wanted to go home and he wanted me to turn the volume down.

He kept getting distracted by the movie, so we stayed, but eventually left. No reason to force it.

When we left, Jack said he had fun and wanted to go home and watch Monsters Inc. What!?? Crazy kid.

All in all, it was relaxing and a good trip, even if we did leave early. And he had fun, so what else would matter?

the end.

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