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Rainy Days

July 6, 2013

After that last post, Jack needs some redemption on here!

He was so excited that night when I told him we weren’t going anywhere the next day and could wear our pajamas all day!

We stayed in and played games, played in the garage, set up cars and a train.

And there was no crying or whining or complaining. ALL DAY LONG. It was just what we needed!

Jack set up movie mode in our living room for me all by himself! That just means the ottoman gets moved to the couch.

We had popcorn and watched lots of vintage Goofy cartoons.

The only place we went was to the post office, but he got to stay in the car. I can see him from the window and I just run in and out, so don’t call child services, ok?

He fell asleep on the way there and slept for 2 hours! We had a hard time waking him!

It’s been rainy the past couple of days here, so they’ve involved some crafting and the same as above–movies, trains, cars.

We painted Lucas and Walter’s house (his animals from Build-a-bear).

After painting, Jack didn’t want to put his shorts back on, so I guess is was No Pants Friday in our house. At least, for him.

More rain today, so out came the Play-Dough

We’re trying a new sleep trick for Jack tonight to help him get more sleep. We’re hoping this works; he’s been averaging about 8-10 hours a night with no naps, so it’s not working for him or for us.

the end.

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