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July 2, 2013

I forgot that coming home from vacation makes for a grumpy Jack for a few days. It’s as if he needs to re-adjust and get used to being home again. Usually, it’s when he comes home from grandparents houses or a trip like Disney that he’s pretty awful the next day.

I think this time it was just exhaustion. He didn’t sleep as much as he should have at the beach and was worn out daily from the swimming and heat.

Jack went to bed so late after we drove home from the beach and got up so early the next day, so everything made him cry.

Honestly, I was really grumpy yesterday, too, so it made for a not-so-great day with us both grumpy and tired and not fully listening to each other. I almost had a meltdown grocery shopping from all his whining and begging.

I made up my mind that today would be better, but it has had a few rough patches that we’ve had to work through.

Today, we went to the splash pad with some friends.

On the way, I put the cartridge in wrong in his reader thing and couldn’t get it out, so he was really upset about it not working. And he talked non-stop the whole way there while I really wanted to ride in quiet.

“I’m just so sad about my reader. Do you think Daddy can fix it? Look at all those cars. Is that a wreck? I hope I can drive a car one day. But I’m not going to wreck. What is that firetruck doing? What kind of firetruck is it? Do I have one like that? Why are there two firetrucks? Look at that tree. Did you see that tree? Do you think I can reach that tree?”

Sweet. Mercy.

I was already tired by the time we got there from all the talking.

Then, later on, Jack didn’t close his water bottle all the way before putting it back in our bag. So, my phone, camera, and post-water clothes were soaked. I really thought my camera was gone forever, which we only just got last year, but it has since dried and is ok.

We didn’t play as much as I thought we would. He became more cautious about it and only wanted to use these certain “guns” that were always being used by other kids. Also, he started getting angry with some kids for getting in his way, so I removed him from the situation, not wanting to get him riled up about it.

Before we left, the ice cream truck showed up. I had no cash, so none for us. Jack talked about how sad he was about the ice cream truck for about 10 minutes in the car as we were leaving. Oh, and about how badly he needs a water gun like Noah has.

“I sure do wish I had a gun like Noah’s. Do you think I can have one sometime?”

I had packed our lunch the night before, so Jack ate hummus and veggies on the way home.

It was all good, til he ran out of snow peas and only the carrots were left. Oh man.

Then, I had to inform him I needed one thing from Wal-Mart.

Stop the world.

Tears and whining about how badly he wanted to go home.

Guess what? I don’t want to go to Wal-Mart, either.

We went to Wal-Mart to find they didn’t have the one item I needed for an order, so we went home and had popsicles and played outside.

Tomorrow needs to be a completely stay at home day for us to help us rest and get back on track. We enjoy each other a bit more when we’re on our schedule of hanging out and playing around the house.

the end.

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  1. Leslie permalink
    July 2, 2013 7:55 pm

    Sounds so familiar! Hope tomorrow is better.

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