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Planes, a Ferris Wheel, and George Lucas

June 20, 2013

While we were on vacation at the beach last Fall, we took Jack to the Naval Aviation museum in Pensacola, Florida. We spent almost the whole day looking around and even ate lunch there.

Jack has talked about going back several times, so since we’re at the beach again, we took him yesterday.

Apparently, everyone else on vacation thought it was a good day to visit, too. It was crazy crowded. We counted 4 different camp t-shirts – YMCA camp, a school camp, etc. So many kids running everywhere.

I didn’t take nearly the amount of pictures as I did last visit, but I did get a few.

It’s so funny to hear Jack say all the official names of the airplanes. Awkwardly enough, his favorite parts of the planes are the bombs and guns. “Whoa, look at that big bomb!!!”

We didn’t spend as much time at every attraction and plane this time; Jack became obsessed with sitting in the airplanes so he could fly them and shoot guns. He had to wait in line a few times to get in the planes he wanted and I had to fight off a few older kids so they wouldn’t climb in on top of him.

This trip, Jack discovered a love of aircraft carriers. So much so that he picked one out at the gift shop. Since we didn’t splurge on an Imax movie, we let him pick out a sweet aircraft carrier that came with 6 tiny airplanes.

I think all of Jack’s Christmas presents could be purchased in their gift shop. It’s unreal!

Since the museum is free and was so crowded, we didn’t feel bad leaving after just a couple of hours. We’re hoping to take Jack again in the Fall when it’s not so crazy.

Afterward, we came back to the condo to eat lunch and rest for the afternoon. We didn’t go to the beach or pool because we were already showered and ready to go out that night with my parents.

My parents came down to hang out with us for the evening. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Cobalt.

Afterward, we headed to The Wharf to ride the ferris wheel. They had a carnival set up that looked like a lot of fun, but we didn’t think Jack would be into it. They, also, have a light show at night that seems like it’d be fun, but Jack has a hard time staying away til it’s dark, ha!

Before the ferris wheel, we walked into Build-a-Bear with a free accessory coupon. That’s how it always starts, right?

Jack really wanted the Darth Vader costume for his BFF Walter, but it wouldn’t fit Walter since he’s not the right shape for it.

So…what do you do? Build another animal so you can get the Darth Vader outfit, of course!

This was only our 2nd time to build an animal there and I’m so happy Reid was there to witness it. Jack was crazy adorable and so into it this time.

Walter, the dog, makes a monkey sound when you press his paw. Jack’s new friend, Lucas (named after George Lucas since Jack didn’t want the name George), plays the theme from Star Wars when you press his paw.

Jack giving him Lucas his first bath was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t seem like much, but seriously, Jack was just so happy and in awe of everything.

And, here I am, doing something I’d never dream of doing- squeezing a stuffed dog into a Darth Vader costume.

After that, we finally rode the ferris wheel. Last time, Jack got really frightened when it got started, but this time, he was all smiles.

When we got home, Jack arranged a special meeting arrangement for Walter and Lucas. It was very serious. Then, they hugged and kissed and said they were good, good friends.

Jack laid out bowls for them so they could have food and water.

We could hear the Star Wars theme from Jack’s room for about 30 minutes before he finally fell asleep.

A busier day than most at the beach, so today is a no where day, except for the pool and beach.

the end.

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