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Magic School Bus

June 12, 2013

Sometimes I forget who I’m talking to when I tell Jack something.

The night before we went to the museum last week, I was trying to talk it up and get him excited about it. I casually mentioned it’s like we’re going on a field trip like they do on the Magic School Bus. (In retrospect, why did I say this!???)

The next morning, as I’m loading the car, Jack is pacing in the driveway, looking all around.

I asked what he was doing.

“Looking for the magic school bus. I thought it was coming to pick us up.”

At first I was shocked and thought how cute it was, but then realized he was extremely disappointed.

He kept saying on the way there in an almost crying voice, “But I thought you said the magic school bus was going to take us. Will we see it when we get there?”

I felt so bad. I forget all things are possible in Jack’s eyes.

What I do find amusing, though, is he believed me when I talked about a magic school, yet when I tell him we’re out of red popsicles, he has to dig around the freezer to see for himself because he doesn’t believe me.

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