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Randoms from last weekend…

May 30, 2013

Our Memorial Day weekend was very chill. Mostly, we stayed around the house.

On Saturday, like most Saturdays, we went for donuts.

There’s a donut shop right outside our neighborhood, so it’s very convenient.

Then, we ran errands and spent some time in the Wal-Mart toy section. Sounds odd, but it’s really fun, even if we don’t buy anything.

The new Panama Jack bikes at Wal-Mart are adorable and I really want one.

I think I need this car to go with the bike.

I digress.

Reid worked on his car a bit that afternoon, so I took pictures with Jack to pass the time.

I will never be ashamed of my taking selfies with Jack thing. Most of the time, those are my only pictures of us together.

I had been looking for a new pool for our patio for the Summer and Reid told me there was a brand new pool in a box in the attic. I really thought he was wrong, but apparently, I bought it on clearance at the end of last Summer and completely forgot about it!

I have a habit of finding things on clearance and then, going back and forth on whether to get it or not, and then put it back, so that’s why I was so shocked.

Reid set it up, but man, it’s freezing.

It still hasn’t warmed up. Jack wants us to get in and play with him, but he’ll have to wait til it’s warmer.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching movies, playing Trouble, and relaxing around the house.

Tuesday, Reid stayed home from work for a doctor’s appointment. That afternoon, we went to the civic center for free ice skating!

It was our first time taking Jack and thought it’d be good because if he hated it and only spent a minute on the ice, nothing was lost.

Well, turns out, he hated it.

The pictures are quite sad. But, I’m hoping that by posting them, we can look back one day when he loves ice skating and laugh. Right?

Look how cute those little ice skates are!

Looks like I won’t have to save up for hockey camp next Summer, after all. Let’s see if a year can change how he feels, though.

the end.

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