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Weekend Update

May 6, 2013

I feel like we haven’t gotten out much or been very active lately. Jack and I have been sick for over a week with colds. Just when we think they’re going away, they get a little worse. Reid was only sick for a day, but this weekend, it finally got him.

My friend, Jessica, told us about the special Star Wars story time at the library this weekend. We wouldn’t have known otherwise, so I’m so glad she told us!

I’m glad James, Jessica, and Crosby were there; not many people showed up, so it could have been awkward.

Crosby looks like he’s thinking, “Is this guy for real?”

The storyteller had no shame with her costume. And really, if you’re going to dress like this, especially on Star Wars day, you just have to own it.

Jack acted the way he does at all story times. He acts grumpy and like he hates it and refuses to participate, but loves snack time. On the way home, he told us he liked it, but the stories were too long. And they really were. I spaced out a lot during the stories.

Crosby gets the cutest participator of the day award!

I think Jack was actually listening at this point.

After stories and songs, they served Bantha Milk, Leia (cinnamon) buns, and Death Star Donuts.

Creepy dead eyes masks.

Jack acted like he hated all things that morning, so we decided not to come back for more Star Wars activities that afternoon.

We went home for lunch and watched Tangled together.

Last year, my mom took Jack to Build-a-Bear for the first time and Jack got a dog named Walter. When you press Walter’s paw, he makes monkey sounds.

Build-a-Bear emailed a coupon for a free $5 accessory to celebrate Walter’s birthday, so we took Jack Saturday afternoon.

Yes, Jack wore his Captain Rex costume the entire day.

We tried some things on Walter and looked around.

The cowboy hat is my favorite and I kept trying to persuade Jack into choosing that one. I lost.

We saw Jedi and Darth Vader costumes. Of course, Jack wanted one, but it didn’t fit his budget. Plus, not sure it’d fit Walter.

Jack chose a tiny baseball glove, bat, and ball.

Since we were right there, we went to the Lego store, too.

Everything is so fascinating. Even the prices.

They gave Jack a pair of Yoda ears at the Lego Store, but Jack was over it and refused to wear them.

We ran some other errands where we traded off staying in the car with Jack.

I eventually got Jack to try the Yoda ears on.

Overall, a good Star Wars Day.

Sunday, we went to church and rushed home for lunch so I could leave for a wedding shower. My friend, Heather, is getting married next weekend! I’m so excited for her big day!

Last night was all about warm pjs, dinner, and watching the Amazing Race finale.

the end.

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  1. Beth Davis permalink
    May 6, 2013 9:58 am

    Are you for realz!? We would have been all over that library story time! Super fun!

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