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Randoms Around Our House

April 26, 2013

We play Trouble a lot. Like 5-6 times in a row every day, if not more. Jack usually wins. If anything, it’s teaching him to be a gracious winner and not to be a sore loser. Oh, and not to cheat!

By the way, it’s the Star Wars version of Trouble. It’s really cute. R2D2 makes noises every time you roll. I highly recommend it.

Jack is trying to pick up basketball. At first, he thought the goal was to see how high you could throw the ball and still hit the basket.

Jack likes to be right with us, doing whatever we’re doing. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it’s annoying.

I’ve always wanted to try making my own laundry detergent, but never got motivated enough to do it. My sister-in-law made it, so I was inspired by her.

Jack LOVED grating the soap.

I used this recipe from Love, Pomegranate House. It makes a smaller batch at a time; I doubled it to make what you see in the jar. I still have tons left to make more.

So far, even after testing some stained white shirts, it works great. And smells good.

I, also, put the date on the jar to see how long this really lasts us and if it’s worth it.

If anything, it’s worth not going, “Crap! We’re out of detergent again!” right when you’re in the middle of laundry day.

I’ve started back with homeschooling Jack. I use that term loosely, as I’m not following any set curriculum and kind of winging it.

I started this a while back, but we only got to letter H and I tapered off.

It’s the highlight of his day and he begs to do it.

Right now, we’re working our way through the alphabet, working on writing letters, and writing his name.

We try to do something related to that letter. Like, for I, we ate ice cream. Duh. For J, we made a jellyfish.

Isn’t our McDonalds nice!? Cheap ice cream and a nice place to eat it.

Jack has decided he does like attention from strangers. This is his outfit for Publix. He even had the tickets, whistle, and clock in his pocket.

The weather has been so nice. We love being outside, but the gnats run us back in.

All year, at least one of us has been sick. Stomach virus, colds, sinus infections, sore throats. Right now, Jack has a cold and I have a sore throat. Jack has told me several times today to stop talking (I’m very hoarse) because I’m too sick.

the end.

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