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Dress Up, Tattoos, and Painted Toes

April 14, 2013

Jack goes in and out of dress up phases.

His birthday has opened up a new phase.

My mom made him a Jedi robe. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty incredible.

He, also, got a Captain Rex costume for his birthday from Reid’s parents. Add those with some hand-me-down costumes from his cousin and you’ve got my life right now.

He likes to combine elements from all costumes. Harry Potter goggles, Captain Hook’s hook, cowboy wristlet things, etc.

Or, sometimes he goes for the less is more look with the bike helmet and rain boots.

He’s never seen Spiderman, but knows he needs to shoot a web. Maybe boys are just born knowing these things?

To accessorize with the costumes, Jack loves tattoos. These are so hard to get off, so I’ve limited him on where he can put them–on places his clothes will cover up. Like his stomach and shoulders.

Showing his muscles and tattoo.

Aaaand maybe some painted toe nails.

I was doing my nails and Jack was so fascinated and kept telling me he wishes he could paint his nails green. This was the closest I had, so I did his nails.

He only kept them painted for a day. Don’t freak out.

Even at bedtime, though, Jack is still dressed up in some way with a mask and his new Vader slippers.

It’s a shame he wasn’t born with more personality.

the end.

**recaps of the birthday and a faux spring break coming soon. you’ve been warned.

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