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4th Birthday Recap

March 27, 2013

Get ready for some major picture overload.

We set up everything last night like it was Christmas morning.

Jack was up by 6:15 and came in our room first to tell us he was awake. I told him Happy Birthday and he replied with a calm, “Thanks.” I didn’t expect that.

And, of course, it was presents time.

It was all Star Wars. With the exception of a few little things, they were all Reid’s when he was younger.

After presents it was time to get ready for AirWalk. The boys took this while I was in the shower. So cute.

It was a little crazy this time at AirWalk. More crowded and there were referees. WHAT? Right out of the gate, we had whistles blown at us. They weren’t our biggest fans. But, we kept thinking, “Hey, we paid good money to be in here and it’s our kids birthday, so leave us alone.”

It kept getting more crowded as we were there because of spring break, but Jack had a really great time, so that’s all that matters.

We came home to eat cake. It was hard not to eat it for breakfast!

It was his first cookie cake experience. And it was a hit. Duh. Who doesn’t love cookie cake??

We, also, had a friend over to help celebrate and eat cake with us.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with all his new toys and watching Finding Nemo.

Deena came by to bring presents. She knows him way too well.

And the mail came bringing cards.

And Jack got phone calls.

In his silliest of moments, he does this pose.

I wanted a couple pictures of just the two of us. This is what happened, though.

Jack chose Moe’s for dinner.

After dinner, we spent a little bit of time in Books A Million looking at books for his birthday money, but we didn’t buy anything.

Then, it was bathtime and bedtime.

Overall, he had a great day. We did have some attitude problems with him; we really think he’s not getting enough sleep.

But, again, it was a great day to turn four.

the end.

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