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Some rambling, some whining, but mostly rambling

March 20, 2013

I’ve been updating the Fitness/Food page. I’ll probably update more there than here. I thought about moving the whole thing to the main blog and making it a part of my blog, but, that feels too in your face with my stats and what-not and makes me feel a little awkward. Not sure why. It makes no sense.

I feel like this month is breezing by way too quickly. And I don’t like it.

It means we’re getting closer and closer to Jack’s birthday. And I’m not ready. I might be an emotional wreck on his birthday or that whole week. I can feel it coming.

I think if we ever get to a point in this household in which none of us are sick, it might be the first time in 2013! I had a stomach virus a couple of weeks ago, which didn’t last long and the boys never got, so hallelujah. And I’ve been sick with some type of cold lately.

Yes, I’m whining, I guess. Sickness just zaps my energy and has pushed work further behind for me, so I’ve got a lot to do in the next few days.

I’m hoping it’s all done and shipped out by Jack’s birthday so I can let loose and enjoy celebrating him for about 3-4 days! Regardless of work, I’ll be letting loose. Who are we kidding.

Jack’s birthday is a week from today and so far, it’ll involve balloons, cookie cake, trampoline place, Moe’s, and presents. And that’s with just me and Reid!

My parents and sister will get her Thursday, so more gifts and celebrating. And I’m sure we’ll celebrate on Friday, too, right? Then, Jack’s party is on Saturday.

Jack is crazy excited, as he should be. And so am I.

the end.

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