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Hello, Monday

March 18, 2013

– I added a fitness/food log page. It’s pretty boring and probably more info that you care to know about me. So, beware.

– I co-hosted a baby shower this weekend. FYI: there were three of us hosting and we never met up once. We did everything by Facebook messaging, so yeah, we’re awesome.
You can see pictures here.

– It’s 3:11 and Jack is still in his pjs. I’m not in the mood to fight him on it. He hates putting on real clothes and it’s almost always a battle. So, that means no new movie for movie night for him since we’re not going anywhere.

– We usually stick to the parks at Disney, but after hearing reviews and seeing photos, I really want us to go bowling at Splitsville at Downtown Disney next time we’re there.

– Deena sent these to me from her phone. They’re from Oscar night. Love.

– Jack and I went on a long walk today. He likes to turn around and tell me to run and go faster. It’s annoying. But works.

– My brain just stopped working. I’ve got a cold or something like it and my energy comes in spurts. Aaaand it just left. So, this is over.

the end.

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