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Beating the Monday Blues

March 11, 2013

Jack was up by 6:20 and it was rainy out, so I almost postponed today’s outing because I was feeling too lazy to get out. But, I knew we’d need to get out since the rain would keep us in all day after we’ve enjoyed such a beautiful weekend outside.

We met up with friends at AirWalk for KidJump. It worked out that even though some of us have more than one kid, we only paid $8 per family to jump!

Jack was really hesitant at first and didn’t seem interested in jumping. I wasn’t shocked and thought he might stay that way the whole time.

But, after some time in the ball pit (or square pit!?), Jack was totally into it and having fun with everyone else!

I told my friends beforehand that they have aerobics classes here and say they burn 1,000 calories, which seems super fishy to me. BUT, we realized they probably throw you in this pit and make you get out to burn all those calories.

This is me, stuck in said pit.

Jessica, pregnant and due in May, learned the pit isn’t the wisest decision for pregnant ladies.

All my pictures are pretty blurry, but I got good video, which is better for this type of activity anyway.

There weren’t many people there, so it was basically a time for our kids to run free all over the arena. Literally.

I hope she doesn’t kill me for this, but this picture of Samantha makes me laugh! It looks like she’s about to squash the people underneath her!

My new favorite thing might be throwing these boys into the pit.

We were there for an hour and a half, which was plenty of time to get worn out. We went for mexican afterward to refuel all the calories we lost.

Jack kept saying all the way home how much fun he had, so we’ll definitely be back. But, probably again on a weekday morning because I don’t see this being fun when it’s crowded.

the end.

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