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Weeeeekend Update

February 25, 2013

We did a lot this weekend, so there are lots of pictures. And a lot of photo filters.

This was more of a normal day/night for us.

Reid and I watched Kitchen Nightmares and I worked on orders because I had some things to get out and knew I wouldn’t have time to work this weekend.

Reid and I took Jack to Lowe’s to build a monster truck.

After that, Jack and I went to a 1st birthday party for a friend.

My friend, Kari, had brought in a magician for the party since there’d be a lot of older kids. When he first walked in and was talking to Jack, Jack shut down and gave him attitude. I kept thinking it wouldn’t go well.

But, then, the guy started his show and Jack warmed up to him and LOVED it. He was laughing and snorting the whole time.

These are our individual reactions to cheesy/awkward jokes and tricks:

All the kids got fun balloon hats.

Jack, also, asked for a balloon light saber and got a sword instead, but he’s happy with it.

This is happy-sugared-up Jack after eating a cupcake or two:

Overall, we had a really fun time celebrating with them and catching up with old friends!

Afterward, we came home and rested before heading back out with Reid to meet up with Casey, Sheena, Deena, and Lori for dinner.

There was an hour and a half wait for Chuy’s, so we hung out at Charming Charlies while we waited, which was only 45 minutes. Jack said it’s his favorite store.

Jack loved all the attention from everyone and especially loved Casey that night.

Me and Lori!

The day started like our normal lazy Sundays. We watched Tangled and Jack and I made muffins.

Later on, Deena came over to play and hang out.

My cooking spectators.

Casey and Sheena came over later to watch the Oscars. Jack loved having everyone over and playing games and showing off his Star Wars toys.

It really does warm my heart to see our friends loving on Jack. He was a little sad this morning when he realized no one was coming over today.

After Jack went to bed, we watched the Oscars. The best way to enjoy the Oscars is watching with friends and hearing everyone’s commentary. We had a really fun time.

I may have enjoyed some brandy last night and have had a hard time waking up today. Whoops!

Happy Monday, everyone!

the end.

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  1. February 25, 2013 12:08 pm


  2. February 25, 2013 1:07 pm

    we had so much fun with y’all! 🙂


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