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A New Start

February 20, 2013

For the first time in 4 years, I’m happy to announce I am now a card-carrying gym member!

Before Jack, I was a member of local all-female gym and loved it, but about a month after I had Jack, they had to shut down due to financial reasons. It was sad because I never go to take part of their childcare the one time I finally needed it.

Ever since, I’ve done things at home or used the gym I worked at last year (my old boss generously let me keep a keycard), but I’ve lacked childcare.

So, I’d either work out at home with Jack, which doesn’t happen anymore. Or take walks, but now it’s cold. And he talks non-stop during our walks and I’d like to just zone out. (Wow, that sounded awful! I really do love him!) Or I work out at night after Jack goes to bed.

But lately, by the time night rolls around, I’m either too tired or unmotivated. So, I haven’t been working out. At all.

Most of my friends are YMCA members, so it was my first choice because we could go to classes everyday together. But, the price was too much.

(Which, I know some crazies would jump in and say, “but you can’t put a price on your health.” And I do realize the irony considering I was once a trainer and people paid me to help them workout.)

But, a gym I’ve always wanted to join has cut membership prices enough that I was able to join!

I really am so, so excited! I can workout in the mornings and be done with it!

Today was our first day. I went to a Zumba class this afternoon.

**I know there are lots of these memes going around with Zumba, but this one best fits me.

Jack did really well in childcare, but I did think of him a lot during my class. I felt so guilty leaving him there for an hour.

This Zumba class was the toughest I’ve been to…oooor it could be that I’m just that out of shape. 20 minutes into it, I wanted to quit. But, I finished and it was so fun.

Zumba in a crowded class with low-lighting with women of all shapes, ages, and ethnicities dancing around is amazing.

I’ll probably be sticking with classes for the next couple weeks to make sure I’m pushing myself and not quitting 20 minutes into it.

Tomorrow is CXWorkX and Friday is Bodypump.

Here’s to new things!

Oh, and if you’ve never seen me in Zumba, then you’re missing out. But, please, oh please, CLICK HERE to see what I look like. Actually, I’m worse.

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  1. February 24, 2013 2:26 pm

    It is truly amazing what exercise, of any kind, can do to help you as a mom…I’m finding I’m more patient with my littles when exercise is a part of our daily routine. It’s never been my favorite thing, but I’m finding joy in being able to do something for me. 🙂
    I know this would be kind of a big undertaking…but have you ever heard of Stroller Strides? The franchises are all over the country, and I know there is not one in Birmingham (which I find odd) but you would be a really good person to maybe bring it there? Just a thought. Or maybe you know someone else who has the certification credentials to do so…
    Anyway…I am proud of you for finding something that works for you and Jack…it’s always fun to find something that you “enjoy” when it comes exercising 🙂

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