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Weekend Update

February 11, 2013

After blogging about our day out and about in the rain, I took a turn for the worse. This cold/infection/whatever came back full force Saturday.

Reid took an early nap Saturday, so Jack and I went to Target. We got what we went for and went straight home because I could tell I was progressively feeling worse.

Jack fell asleep on the way home. I stayed in the car with him for a bit while he slept, thinking he’d wake up soon. Eventually, I moved him to our bed. Jack slept for 3 hours!!!!

Then, I took a nap and slept for 3 hours, too!

Reid made dinner and the rest of that day is a blur.

Sunday, I felt like my cold was better, but I was still exhausted and had body aches. I literally stayed on the couch all day.

Remember in high school or when you were younger and you were sick (or had been sick) and your mom wouldn’t let you go to a party because you had to stay home and rest and you were really annoyed? I kind of felt like that last night.

There was a party last night I really wanted to go to, but as time got closer, the thought of showering, getting ready, and driving there sounded terrible. The party started at six, which just happens to be the time I went to bed!

Reid did laundry from 8am til 8pm yesterday! Jack had wet the bed the night before, so he had to wash all of his bedding, plus all the laundry I never did last week.

I’m really thankful that if I had to be really sick, at least it was the weekend and Reid was able to take care of Jack and the house.

Today, I woke up feeling tons better.

Jack and I even went grocery shopping in this rain, which wasn’t terrible since the Publix people had me pull my car up and they loaded everything for me.

I just ate my lunch and thoroughly enjoyed tasting something so good because now it’s time to take my medicine, which leaves a metallic taste in my mouth that nothing can overpower.

Jack sounds stuffy and has a runny nose, but he’s acting like normal. I really hope he doesn’t get as sick as I was this weekend!

the end.

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  1. February 12, 2013 12:00 pm

    Oh how I miss Publix…there is no grocery store out here in Texas that is quite as nice or where the employees are as courteous as they are at Publix…that is one thing I look forward to having again if and when we get to move back to Alabama (or somewhere there is one).

    Glad you are feeling better…fingers crossed Jack does not come down with the same sickness 🙂

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