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Mainly Scenes From My Car

February 9, 2013

Kids clothing consignment sales started yesterday. Jack was up at 5:45, so we went ahead and got ready and headed out to be at a sale that opened at 8AM.

Jack’s view as we drive around town.

I normally drag into consignment sales mid-morning, struggling to find a parking spot, waiting in line for half an hour or so (for one or two shirts, ha!), bribing Jack with suckers and food to keep him entertained. Regardless, it’s still enjoyable. The thrill of finding a good deal.

But, getting there right when it opened was worth it. We had a great parking spot. I was able to pick out a few cute things in his size and there was a very short line.

By the time I was checking out, though, the line was starting to wrap around the gym.

Oddly enough, we were in and out so quickly that we were able to get to another consignment sale as it opened at 9AM.

We walked in and walked right out, empty handed. I found high-end shirts that were so cute, but covered in stains and priced for $15. Um, no.

While we were on that side of town, we were going to Williams- Sonomoa for a sale on Star Wars cookie cutters, but had to wait for them to open.

So, Jack and I entertain ourselves with music and the camera.

I’ve been sick and have been living in pajamas and sweat pants, which are glorious, but it felt good to put on make-up. I even broke out the hot pink lip gloss that I stole from my 14 year old sister’s bathroom a while back.

(Don’t feel bad for her–how much hot pink lip gloss does one jr. high girl need!?)

Finally, the store opened and we went on our quest for the cookie cutters, but I was blind-sided by this gloriousness of white dishes.

We found what we were really there for.

While running other errands, we found this bed at Big Lots. It’d match Jack’s room perfectly. I still keep holding out for a good deal on Craig’s List, but I really like this one.

Reid came home from work early, so I cleaned around the house while he played with Jack. Reid’s parents came from Tuscaloosa to hang out with us (mainly Jack) and we went to dinner.

It was a very busy, but good day.

the end.

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