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February 7, 2013

This is my 1,200th post. That’s a lot of non-sense I’ve given to the internets over the years. You’re welcome.

In honor of 1,200 posts, I give you random pictures from our lives lately. Again, you’re welcome.

At the end of last year, I wasn’t sure if I’d re-open my Etsy shop or not, but I decided to go forward with it.

But, on my own terms. As in, if I get too overwhelmed or too many orders, I’ll close for a little bit. I let myself get too stressed with it last year.

So, this means our office looks like this:

Jack is still wearing Christmas pjs. And has brought back dressing up, once again.

This is Jack at story time at the library last week. Oh, man, does this kid hate when they sing and dance. But, he loves craft time.

Weekends have become a time for us to get donuts! Jack was dancing the whole time he ate his donut. I have video, but I can’t get it off my phone 😦

It’s official, all three of us have now been to the doctor in the year 2013. I’ve had a bad sore throat and cold this week. I’ve tried to lure Jack into staying in bed with me to watch movies, but it doesn’t always work.

Don’t let that picture fool you, 2 minutes later Jack was chasing Chewy with a light saber and yelling at him.

Reid’s Aunt Dianne was in town and came to visit with us yesterday. Jack was THRILLED to have her dog, Shep, in our house.

Jack put on lots of shows for Aunt Dianne.

And made her sit through some Angry Birds action.

We went to dinner (orange chicken!) and had to tell them bye. Jack has been asking about Shep all morning.

This is from a couple weeks ago, but Jack and I have started having picnics in the living room. He’s lost interest in eating lunch lately, so I’m trying anything.

And, for some fun news…I’ve started planning Jack’s birthday party! We didn’t think we’d really do a party this year, but Jack has finally gotten into parties and understanding, so I had to give him one! And, if you don’t know what the theme is, then you may not be invited. Just kidding. But, really.

the end.

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