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A is for Awesome, A A Awesome

January 29, 2013

I’ve been doing activities and crafts with Jack on a daily basis, but nothing too planned. Yesterday, I started doing home school type curriculum with him. It’s nothing fancy or hard, just things he might be doing if he was in preschool right now. And, really, I’m just making it up as I go.

We’re doing a letter of the day each day and going from there. Yesterday’s letter was A. Duh.

We worked on writing A’s.

He colored some pages with things that start with the letter, like ambulance, etc.

We read books starting with A.

We had almonds for a snack.

I had Jack go around the house and find things that started with A. It was so cute to hear him in the living room singing the phonics song to see if it worked, like “Potato head pa-pa-potato head. No, no, that won’t work.”

Airport, apple, airplanes.

And, even, Anakin got his time to shine on A day.

The weather was so nice, so we went for a long walk.

I’m caught up on Joy the Baker’s podcast, so I downloaded a few from Walt Disney World Radio.

This one was a review of the new Fantasyland. unbelievable.

We were going to watch Crosby for Jessica that afternoon, but it fell through, so we met up with them at the park, instead, to burn off some energy before dinner/bedtime.

Jack was really into the whole letter of the day thing and it made the day go by a bit faster and maybe even more smoothly since we had something to focus on.

the end.

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