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January 16, 2013

Not a good shot, but he wasn’t thrilled about the camera being around. Jack had this outfit on the other day and I was a little shocked at how old he looked.

He’ll be 4 in March and I’m already getting emotional. Reid caught me crying not that long ago when I was looking at pictures of Baby Jack. I’ve, also, been looking into a good birthday shirt for him and have had to rule a lot of things out because they look too baby.

So, it’s spurred me on with sewing for him while I still can.

I actually made him an outfit! I haven’t done pants or shorts from him since last Summer, I think. Here’s the outfit:

(Shout out to Jack’s friend, Noah!)

And, look, I made Jack take a picture with me. He’s thrilled. But, it’s not often I shower and do my make-up.

Reid has passed down tons of his Star Wars toys to Jack. So, we spend a lot of time doing pod races and reinacting the movies. Word for word.

I have to post this because I’m so excited about it and have been trying to wear it everyday! Reid gave me this necklace for my birthday! Love it! Sometimes, I just wear it around the house in my pjs, just because I can.

Reid and Jack like to shoot cannons at Chewy. I would say poor, Chewy, but he just stays and takes it.

Jack almost has enough train tracks now to go all the way down the hall. If he gets any more, he could take over the entire house.

Reid’s parents felt sorry for Jack or heard of my fear with Jack and his skates and gave Jack a helmet! Jack wears it in the car, around the house, everywhere!

We enjoyed the weather on Sunday and played hard outside. It seems strange we were wearing shorts the same week we might see snow.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day.

the end.

PS: Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!!

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