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Four Things

January 3, 2013

– I’ve done my fair share of playing Cootie this week. It’s getting old, actually, but it’s not like it’s hard work for me to sit and play with Jack. Plus, I sometimes win. He just needs more games!!

– Jack loves his easel from Santa way more than I expected he would. We’ve been working on writing our letters. He’s mastered the alphabet (just not in order) and has gotten really good with phonics, so writing letters and maybe even teaching him to read is next.

He’s been trying to read and sound things out on his own. I didn’t plan to teach him this early, but if it happens, it happens. I don’t want to pressure him.

Can you see the writing? It says “ALA.” We weren’t even in the room, but he told us he was writing Alabama. He may not be the most social kid on the block, but he’s smart.

– This morning, Jack woke up looking crazy.

I talked with our favorite optometrist (my brother-in-law) and decided it was best if he was actually seen in person.

The sun hurt his eyes, so he wore my glasses (that now need to be boiled or thrown away!). I couldn’t stop laughing at how high maintenance rock star he looked.

After watching the fish for thirty minutes, he finally saw the doctor and confirmed his pink eye.

He needs eye drops five times a day in both eyes. Have you ever put drops in a kid’s eyes? It’s worse than giving medicine to a cat!

In the midst of the appointment and going home, Jack took a turn for the worse–he started to get a fever and really congested. Reid’s been sick this week, so it made sense. So, looks like we’ll be going to see another doctor tomorrow.

– I had a spray painting extravaganza this week with odds and ends from the thrift store. We’ve left the space above our cabinets empty out of not knowing what to put up there. I tried this out and I’m not sure if I like it. Reid says it’s cluttered. It may be too busy and overwhelming.

the end.

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