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An Unexpected Day

December 9, 2012

Since Reid started working on the bathrooms this week, Jack hasn’t exactly been at his best. He’s been clingy and hasn’t wanted to play anything by himself. Oh, and whiny. Not a good combination while we’re trying to get things done.

Reid was able to finish up Jack’s floor today and put some finishing touches on things, but it was slowed down a lot by Jack. When I read online about a kids’ day at a local boutique, I knew it’d be fun for Jack AND a chance for us to get out of the way and help Reid.

It was an Elf Magic Party at Wrapsody, a local gift shop, from 1-4; we didn’t get there til 3ish (there was no shower available in our house til 1 or so). I was only concerned about Jack getting his face painted, but knew we’d see Santa at the mall or at the library. And we’re not into the Elf stuff.

BUT, when we walked up to the courtyard, Santa was available and walked right up to Jack. Most people got there when it started. It pays to be later.

Jack was really shy and stayed right next to me. He wouldn’t answer Santa’s questions, until I chimed in on what he wants for Christmas. Jack made sure to tell him he wants a Batcave and a color changer.

Santa was extremely patient and encouraged Jack to come sit with him for a picture. It took a lot of coaxing and I kept telling Santa that it was fine; I didn’t want to force Jack if he wasn’t into it.

Awkward photo. Why are the elves acting like this? Jack wanted to see the reindeer, not the elves.

Jack was thrilled with the candy cane. And mentioned he’d like marshmallows and an apple in his stocking.

And, this was the best we got for a so-called official photo:

I’m so happy with how this worked out–for Jack to have that one on one time to warm up to Santa AND we won’t have to make a trip to stand in line at the mall.

After seeing Santa, Jack got his face painted. This boy loves to have his face painted.

We walked around the store for a while and admired all the Christmas decor and presents.

Jack wanted to take my picture with the big stocking. This stocking was HUGE. I need this for when Santa comes to visit!

It was an unexpectedly fun day.

Our library is having a brunch with Santa this week that I was planning to take Jack to, but I’m nervous my observant OCD child will realize this Santa doesn’t look exactly like the one we saw today. Not sure on that yet…

the end.

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