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Pictures from the Week

December 7, 2012

Jack and I went shopping with Sally, Reid’s mom, this week. Jack loved the escalator! This is blurry because I was holding the stroller and coffee and trying not to die; I realized the picture wasn’t worth it.

Reid and I wrapped presents from Santa earlier this week. Which meant we would bring out this taped up package that’s been in Reid’s closet since JUNE! We bought a Disney Monorail while we were in Disney. The staff was nice enough to find a way to wrap it so Jack wouldn’t see what we were carrying around.

Reid finished the floors in our bathroom! There’s still painting and other tasks to do. This was before he was done…

Our house seems to be a wreck right now, as Reid’s working on the bathrooms and we’ve been cleaning out toys, etc to put in the attic. With a no-napping kid who doesn’t like to play alone, Play-Doh was a good way for me to get the kitchen clean.

And blocks help, too.

Jack and I hit up the thrift store last night and had some great finds. I have lots of plans for these things. And scarves! For two dollars!

There was a firetruck outside Wal-Mart, so we spent some time checking it out, of course.

I found a few beds like I’d like for Jack’s room, but they’re so pricey. We could buy something that actually matches his furniture and will last him years for a lot cheaper than these.

I bought an old window years ago and it was really cheap, from what I remember. Now, anytime I find one, they seem to be higher than I remember. We’re talking around $40 for a small window. I really want two for the mantle, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

All of Jack’s ornaments end up on the same limb. He wants all the similar ones to be together.

Hopefully, I can post some pictures in the next few days of the bathroom makeover. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

the end.

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