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Randoms about Jack

December 4, 2012

I feel we’re still learning new things about Jack every day.

There had been some attitude issues going on, but now that I’ve stopped taking orders and working so much at home, leaving me more one on one time with him, he’s been much better. Looks like he needed my attention more than I was giving.

When he gets angry or annoyed, this is his face. I am so over it.

He proved he listens to me even when I think he’s checked out. I was in a bad mood recently and Jack informed me that he did not like my attitude one bit.

Well played, kid.

All that aside, he is so sweet and funny.

He’s into planets, pirates, Batman, crafts, and cars/planes/trains, of course.

While we were at the beach, he watched Sofia the First on Disney channel (we don’t have cable). Since then, he’s asked to watch it a few times on the iPad. I don’t mind since he may be the closest thing to a daughter I’ll ever get, ha! Wait, that came out really bad, didn’t it?

I finally realized the voice on Sofia is Alex Dunphy!

Dinner was once an issue with Jack not wanting to eat what we were having, so he’s gone his fair share of nights of no or very little dinner. Out of no where, he’s been eating without a question–even chicken and meat, which he hasn’t touched in months!

Reid and I both said we wouldn’t be buying Jack any more Matchbox cars this Christmas, but this kid loves his cars and wants more. He knows each and every car he has and keeps up with them really well. So, yeah, I bought him more cars.

Jack is excited about Santa and occasionally reminds me he wants to leave water and food for the reindeer. Jack has been especially curious about our stockings; when I said Santa leaves little presents and maybe some treats in them, he declared he wants apples and marshmallows. I’ll make sure to let Santa know.

We’ve had to confiscate Baby Jesus a few times. Baby Jesus likes to jump out of airplanes, hide in the Christmas tree, and fly to space. Which, really, if Jesus wanted to do those things, he could.

It’s funny when kids toot, right? Well, all our laughing at it has not proved beneficial. The other night he told us to watch this…and then he tooted. Ugh! But, it was funny. And he’s been talking about boogers a lot lately. We didn’t teach him these things!

I’m always amazed at his kindness when anyone is sick or not feeling well. And when he says something funny that leaves me and Reid legitimately laughing. I love this boy and spending my days with him.

the end.

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  1. Leslie permalink
    December 4, 2012 3:58 pm

    Amazing pictures! I think Jack and Sam would get along so well, they sounds so much alike! 🙂

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